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vegetable soup

TA, PP and WPC Soup!

You know what TA stands for, PP is positive psychology – the science of wellbeing, motivation and happiness, and WPC is the Wider Publications Committee – a committee within TA focused on getting the … [Read More...]

Field in early summer

Tending All Our Fields

The conference theme this year provides a rich metaphor to explore. As a small scale farmer I spend a great deal of my time tending my fields, and the potential of the metaphor has inspired me to … [Read More...]


Looking ahead to Edinburgh 2015 – The UK TA Conference not to miss !!

Book your place now Nows the time to be booking your place at the UK TA Conference, run jointly by UKATA and STAA. So what’s happening at this year’s conference? Our key note speaker is Keith Tudor travelling all the way from New Zealand. We have workshops focussed on all the fields of TA. There […]

TA mag - Margaret Turpin

UKATA & Margaret Turpin Bursaries now available

Margaret Turpin Bursaries Available Through UKATA There are three bursaries that are available to UKATA members (not subscribers): Margaret Turpin Training Trust (max £250) UKATA Conference Bursary (max £100) UKATA Training Bursary (max £500) Margaret Turpin Training Trust (MTTT) Margaret Turpin established this trust in 1999, originally to further the training and education of staff […]


The UKATA Medal

A new scheme to present medals was launched at the 2014 National Conference, in Blackpool. Three medals will be awarded at Each future National Conference in order to celebrate achievements and contributions to TA. In the true spirit of the TA tradition, a medal could be awarded for anything. The only criteria is that the nominated person must […]

Social network

Connect with the TA community with #TAtuesdays

Over this last year I have been pondering connection and community. Some of you will have been at the talk I did in Leeds or Salisbury at the conferences acknowledging the importance of our community to me and how the connection I have made on my journey has been significant and added a richness to my life. This sense of community and connection was what led me to the idea of the #TATuesday project. I think sometimes we shy away from technology as most of us grew up in an age without internet, Skype, twitter, Facebook and all the ways that we have of connecting today.

database structure

Website Update

We have have made some small changes to the main webpage today, to include fully interactive social media buttons, and a new ‘latest news’ section below the main navigation boxes. Other changes include tidying up the video page, and linking it to our youtube account.

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