Renew your Membership

You can now choose how you want to renew your membership.

  • Online: use the automated form and payment system in the members’ area.
  • Via email or post: you need to download and fill in the renewal form, and send it with appropriate payment to the office via email. These forms are also downloadable in the members’ area. Only available after 1st October.

In order to access the members’ area you will need your email address and password.  

The Membership Fees 2018-19 show the amount payable to UKATA.

UKATA Membership Information Pack 2018

TA Practitioner

Please note: If you are a current  “TA Practitioner” and want to renew your membership this can only be done on line via the members area. This membership category is not available to new members.

Change of membership

If you need to update your membership level because you qualified, taken up a training contract or any other reason, you need to notify the office and provide evidence for this change.

Please find below an overview of the types of membership as guidance.  

Categories of membership explained

There are 3 broad categories of membership:

  • 1. EATA Qualified Senior Professional members
  • a. TSTA - fully qualified Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst members. These professionals have passed the EATA exam and can teach and supervise trainees, CTA and PTSTAs.
  • b. PTSTA - Provisional Training and Supervising members. These can teach and supervise trainees/CTAs. They are on their way to qualify as TSTA.
  • c. CTA-Trainer - qualified to train and/or supervise students, trainees and CTAs.
  • d. CTA - someone who has passed their written and oral exams in one of the TA specialities becoming a Certified Transactional Analyst and are qualified to practise.
  • 2. Diploma Qualified and Advanced Student Member
  • a. Contractual Trainee - someone in the latter stages of training and who has signed an EATA endorsed training contract. They are practising under supervision.
  • b. TA Practitioner - this category is being phased out and only available to those who are currently registered with UKATA as a TA Practitioner.
  • c. RTE Diploma - someone who has passed a TA diploma exam recognised by a UKATA Registered Training establishment.
  • d. UKATA TA Diploma - someone who has been awarded the UKATA TA diploma.
  • 3. Student members
  • a. In formal training – still attending training
  • b. Non-qualified – they have finished the training but have not qualified or become contractual trainees.
  • 4. Subscribers – anyone who wants to be part of UKATA community, and needs not to be qualified. Receives The Transactional Analyst magazine, but is not covered by the UKATA Ethical Framework and Complaints Procedures process.
  • You can also be a Subscriber and pay the EATA fee through us if you so wish.

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