The UKATA Medal

A scheme to present medals was launched at the 2014 National Conference, in Blackpool. Three medals are to be awarded each year at the National Conference to celebrate achievements and contributions to TA.

In the true spirit of the TA tradition, a medal could be awarded for anything. The only condition is that the nominated person must be a UKATA member.
On our TA journeys and over the course of our TA careers we meet people who have a significant impact on us or who have achieved something outstanding either personally or professionally. The medals will help us to promote and celebrate these achievements collectively, and to inspire others. The medals will help to:

  • celebrate and value personal growth,
  • commend overcoming adversity,
  • recognise contribution to TA,
  • reward service to the TA community,
  • promote pride in the achievements of our community,
  • provide strokes.

Medals might be considered for research projects, blogs, training initiatives, developing resources for TA practice, or anything else that you think is worthy of recognition. Medals could be awarded to a foundation student or a senior trainer, practitioner.

Do you know someone you think deserves a stroke from UKATA?
All we want to know is who they are, some details of their achievement and why you think it’s outstanding. You can stay anonymous if you prefer.

UKATA Medal Nomination

Any information given will be treated in confidence and in accordance with UKATA's Code of Ethics. Any disclosures as part of the grant of a medal will only be undertaken with prior agreement of both the nominee and you.

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