New issue of IJTAR and the new TA Research website

The new issues of the IJTAR is out! The IJTAR is the peer reviewed scientific journal dedicated to TA Research, published under the auspices of EATA. The journal is published online 3 times a year and it is accessible free of charge to registered members. In this issue, the articles focus on the use of TA in treating depression.

IJTA is now accompanied by the website “TA Research”:

This website has been set up to enable researchers to share information about their activities, to supplement the contents of IJTAR ( through the publication of  translated abstracts and some articles, and to publicise TA research activities including conferences. It also contains the Abstracts of the IJTAR articles to date, as well as the translations into German, Spanish, Italian and French. These documents are great for searching, in addition to the search function on the IJTAR website – and they mean you can read through and see what has been published over the years.

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