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Event Description: Set of 3 x 4hr interactive webinar sessions (12hrs Total) –
Saturday 20-4-2019 (0900 - 1300), Saturday 18-5-2019 (0900 – 1300) and Saturday 1-6-2019 (0900 - 1300)
Internationally endorsed introductory program, run by an internationally accredited TA trainer to an internationally agreed syllabus.
This introduces participants to the broad range of TA concepts, including well-known ones such as Parent, Adult, Child ego states, I'm OK, You're OK, games, strokes, script and drivers – but also others, such as the TA approaches to contracting, discounting, symbiosis, child development, etc.
Particularly relevant for those in the helping professions, such as psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, social workers, HR professionals, managers – and anyone else with responsibilities for the development of others, whether of children or adults, individuals or families, teams or organisations.

Cost £100 for 12 hours
Tutors/Leaders: Julie Hay TSTA OPE

Venue: webinar - online link provided

Location Address: Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC, Wildhill, Broadoak End, Hertford SG14 2JA

Contact Name: Kelly Martin

Contact Telephone: 01992 550246

Contact Email: admin@psychologicalintelligence.com
Alternate Contact Name: Julie Hay

Alternate Contact Telephone: 07836 375188

Alternate Contact Email: pifcic@pifcic.org
Website: www.pifcic.org
Cost: Cost £100 for 12 hours

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