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Event Times: 13-7-2019 9.30am – 14-7-2019 4.30pm

Event Description: TA 909 content is contracted for with participants once they have arrived. It generally includes aspects such as mock exams, teaches and supervisions in preparation for attending international TA exams or endorsement/evaluation workshops, process reviews during which we analyse our own dynamics, and theoretical discussions.
We keep our groups small so that we do not have to divide you up into smaller groups – this way the whole group learns together and (subject to numbers) you get feedback from more than one TSTA.
Refreshments are included in the fee, and there are facilities so you can prepare your own meals if you wish instead of paying restaurant prices
Preceded by Extended Summer School 9th-12th July just in case you want more....
CTA/PTSTA £120 per day Trainee/Student £80 per day

Tutors/Leaders: Julie Hay TSTA OPE

Venue: Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC, Wildhill, Broadoak End, Hertford SG14 2JA

Location Address: Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC - Wildhill, Broadoak End, Hertford SG14 2JA

Contact Name: Kelly Martin

Contact Telephone: 01992 550246

Contact Email: admin@psychologicalintelligence.com
Alternate Contact Name: Julie Hay

Alternate Contact Telephone: 07836 375188

Alternate Contact Email: pifcic@pifcic.org
Website: www.pifcic.org
Cost: CTA/PTSTA £120 per day Trainee/Student £80 per day

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