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Event Description: If you have an interest in TA and working with couples, then this workshop is for you. Imago Relationship Theory and Therapy has many links with Transactional Analysis. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt trained alongside the Goulding's. You will revisit many TA concepts through an Imago lens. To name a few: script, redecision and reframing; Integrating Adult ego state; impasse; symbiosis and differentiation; injunctions and drivers; emotional literacy; stroke economy.

This is a workshop for couples. Therapists who are interested in exploring or expanding on their interest in working with couples are invited to attend with their partner in order to fully experience the weekend from a personal perspective. Limited places are available on each workshop for therapists to attend individually and pair up with other therapists.

Many therapists also refer their couples to the Getting The Love You Want workshop to enhance their couples therapy. Couples who have attended both therapy and the workshop report a far greater appreciation for one another and to the changes each commits to making for the relationship. The workshop serves as a tool to run alongside therapy and, as this is a psychoeducational workshop, there is no conflict of interest.

The Getting The Love You Want workshop is educational and focuses on enhancing connection. Our aim is to equip you with insights, skills and tools and whilst the benefits can be therapeutic, it is important to note this is not therapy. The two days includes lectures, written exercises, demonstrations and practicing of dialogue and communication processes.

We will learn as a group with no pressure to share private information. There is plenty of space for partners to work together privately over the weekend.

Who should come on the 'Getting The Love You Want' workshop?
• Couples who want to enrich their relationship
• Couples who are beginning a relationship and want to keep it
• Couples who are in an unsatisfying relationship and want to resolve long-standing difficulties (although you may need follow up counselling after the workshop)
• Couples who are near break up or divorce and want to decide if their relationship can be saved

What will you learn?
• New practical skills and new understandings for a long-term relationship
• Develop greater compassion for each other
• Renew passion, pleasure and fun
• Make sense of the impact of your childhood experience on your adult relationship
• Learn new communication skills to break destructive patterns of relating
• Model a strong, loving relationship for your children

16 CPD Hours.
Tutors/Leaders: Ian Tomlinson PTSTA (P), UKCP registered Psychotherapist, Advanced Certified Imago Therapist and Certified Imago Workshop Presenter, and Joanna Groves, Individual and Couples Therapist (UKATA) and Imago Workshop Facilitator.

Venue: The Affinity Centre

Location Address: 7A High Street, Cheadle, Stockport Greater Manchester SK8 1AX

Contact Name: Ian Tomlinson

Contact Telephone: 0161 282 0259

Contact Email: ian@affinitycentre.co.uk
Website: https://affinitycentre.co.uk/course/getting-the-love-you-want-couples-workshop/

Cost: £550 per couple

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