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Event Description: This next event in our series with Morit is CPD for the more experienced practitioner. The depth of this weekend training is a key benefit as is the opportunity to be part of an ongoing group making connections and offering continuity from one workshop to the next. You can receive trauma-related teaching and supervision input whilst also learning from other participants' experience relevant to the themes and issues emerging during the two days. Each day will be a mixture of clinical supervision of actual cases presented by participants, CPD training and some role play of case vignettes.

Tutors/Leaders: Morit Heitzler

Venue: East Devon

Location Address: The Wheelhouse, Offwell,

Contact Name: Judy Shaw

Contact Telephone: 01404831007

Contact Email: judyshawuk@icloud.com
Alternate Contact Name: Clare Brook

Alternate Contact Email: clare_brook@yahoo.co.uk

Website: https://indianlilac.co.uk
Cost: £220

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